That's it — Disinfection is History
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Contaminated surfaces can become a health risk because COVID-19 viruses on surfaces are infectious for up to 28 days. Consistent surface hygiene thus becomes a decisive preventive measure and an adaptation of our hygiene standards is indispensable. This will not change in the next few years and will become even more important with increasingly infectious virus mutations.

THAT’S IT Gold cloth

THAT’S IT Platinum liquid lacquer

The chains of infection caused by viruses and bacteria are broken. Permanent protection increases the sense of security of employees, customers, guests and visitors and creates trust.

With a conventional approach, surfaces must be disinfected anew after each contact. In practice, almost impossible time and therefore prone to errors. So: Increased expenditure of time, greater use of materials, more personnel with the result that costs skyrocket!

Originally, THAT’S IT was developed for hospitals and operating theatres. Meanwhile, infections caused by COVID-19 viruses are also a growing threat to health and life in addition to multidrug-resistant germs.

The THAT’S IT ™ anti-germ coating is a thin and transparent coating for long-term protection of surfaces.

The application of the anti-germ coating seals the surface and renders >99% of all enveloped viruses and bacteria (including multi-resistant germs [MRSA]) harmless. Once applied, the anti-germ coating protects the surface for up to two years, depending on the product variant. The operating principle can be simplified as follows:

  • The pore-tight surface prevents bacteria or viruses such as influenza and corona from diffusing into it.
  • The special surface tension of the coating ensures that the hydrophilic membranes of the virus/bacterial envelope cannot adhere to the surface.
  • The biologically active compounds lead to an irreversible destruction of the cell membrane / shell and thus to the death of the microorganisms, so that no more infections are triggered.

THAT’S IT Gold cloth protects 1 year, THAT’S IT Platinum liquid lacquer protects 2 years.